6 thoughts on “बैंक अकाउंट से पैसा कट जाने पर एप्लीकेशन कैसे लिखें?| Bank Account Se Paisa Kat Jane Per Application Kaise Likhe.”

  1. Mr. Branch Manager Officer bank of Baroda bamundiha
    I humbly state that I (insert your name here) and I am the account holder of your bank. My Account Number (Enter your account number here) I have been availing the services of your bank for many years. But for the last few days money is automatically being deducted from my account. Why this is happening, what is the reason behind it, I do not understand.

    Finally, you are requested to find out the reason for the deduction of money from my account, and try to return my money to me as soon as possible. Because I am very sad due to the money being deducted from my bank account again and again. Thank you! Account number 22600100006355 kata he 29000rupia


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